September 25, 2023

Fidelity Healthcare suffers over US$ 33,000 lawsuit

Christian Opuku Biney, the CEO of Fidelity Healthcare Service, and other parties have been brought before the Debt Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia for a debt-related case. Yahaya E. Jalingo, a professional medical doctor who had been employed by Fidelity CEO Biney to provide services at the Fidelity Healthcare facility on 20th Street Sinkor, brought Mr. Biney before Judge James E. Jones of the Debt Court.

Mr. Jalingo claims that the defendant Biney hired him and that they agreed on a monthly salary as well as benefits for the work that the plaintiff was supposed to do.

Mr. Jalingo disclosed that, in accordance with their understanding, he continued to provide professional services to the defendant (Fidelity Healthcare Services, Inc.) throughout the performance of duties and obligations without making any errors. Even though Jaligo carried out his professional obligations without error, defendant Biney corresponded with him to request and wish to terminate his services, and the services were terminated in violation of their agreement and the language used in their communication.

Mr. Jaligo indicated that as the dispute between him and Defendant Biney grew more heated, the Nigerian Ambassador was contacted and intervened in order to try to settle their disagreements without resorting to court. The ambassador’s intervention did not heal the desired results.

As a result, throughout their interactions, the plaintiff and defendant exchanged multiple emails expressing their mutual unhappiness. The defendant acknowledged in his response to the ambassador’s correspondence that he owed Mr. Jalingo 59,158.00 USD (fifty-nine thousand, one hundred fifty-eight dollars).

In addition, the defendant formally admitted that it owed the plaintiff USD$ 59,158 and that it would pay the full amount in due course. As a result, the defendant is now strictly liable for the debt to the plaintiff. Something that the accused has refused to lift up.

The CEO of Fidelity Healthcare Services and defendant Christian Opuku Biney has been served with an execution warrant by Judge James E. Jones.

According to the writ, “ You are hereby commanded to seize and expose for sale the Assets and Interest of Fidelity Healthcare Services and Chief Executive Officer in the proceedings and if the sum realized therefrom be not sufficient, then seize their real properties until they shall have raised the amount US$ 33,540.12.

Reported by: Watson Richards

Contact: +231880381808


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