February 28, 2024

Major Johnson; Use the COURT System

Monrovia- As the country gets closer to the 2023 presidential and legislative elections, the top leadership of the Armed Forces of Liberia has issued a warning to anyone who feels or is disenchanted to use the legal system. Regardless of their present or previous status or affiliation, AFL Chief of Staff Major General Prince Johnson advised residents against breaking the law and ignoring the rule of law.

in a special message posted on the Armed Forces of Liberia’s Facebook page. According to Major General Johnson, the AFL will carry out its constitutional obligations if the LNP is unable to exert any control over events or becomes overburdened.

He claims that the Armed Forces of Liberia will not permit any individual or group to undermine the nation’s arduously attained democracy and peace. Major General Johnson reaffirmed that, as necessary, the AFL will assist the LNP and pertinent organizations in protecting important installations.

“We are giving this warning to all sides regardless of political parties and status in the country, it is the responsibility to provide support to the Liberia National Police when it comes to the maintenance of peace and order.”

The AFL Chief of Staff also condemned the attack on Mr. Lewis Brown and expressed support for the rights of people to converge under a peaceful and legal framework.

Major-General Prince Johnson speaking on a local radio station in Monrovia (OK FM) noted that he received multiple text messages from people at home and abroad, asking him to stage a coup amid president Weah’s prolonged stay from the Country. However, he gave the assurance that the army under his command would not take part in any activities that would jeopardize Liberia’s peace and democracy.

The National Chairman of the Liberty Party, Musa Bility, responded to Major General Johnson by stating that the AFL has a duty as stated in the Liberian Constitution. Mr. Bility claims that it excludes making threats against citizens who want to exercise their constitutional rights.

“The Chief of Staff of the AFL ought to know this, we will not be intimidated by any such statement.”

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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