September 21, 2023

Activist Martin Kollie Exposes LBDI President

The Board of Directors has acknowledged a fraud procedure in the recruitment processes, hours after activist Martin K.N. Kollie discovered severe anomalies in the academic qualifications of Deo Z. Delaney, President of the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment. In a statement dated December 6, 2022, the Bank reported receiving a letter of resignation from Delaney as the bank’s president.

The statement written by the chairman of the board, Min. Samuel D. Tweah Jr., claims that Mr. Delaney was hired as a result of errors made by the business contracted to conduct the hiring of its president. Mark Arkwenah Nyeamene Jr., however, has been named the Bank’s new acting president. Previously, Mark worked for the LBDI as the deputy CEO and general manager.

Martin Kollie claims that Delaney misrepresented his academic accomplishments in order to obtain a master’s degree from Harvard University and other prestigious foreign universities. The LBDI’s request for a President turned out to be in conflict with Delaney’s credentials.

However, the LBDI has asked all of its clients and partners to cooperate with Mark, the new acting CEO, until a fresh hiring process is taken into consideration. LBDI typically works with worldwide consultation companies to screen individuals for its higher-level positions inside the bank.

Prior to his resignation, Delaney’s hiring received praise on social media and in news publications for the bright young professional who had taken over the banking organization owned by Liberia. His qualifications were examined for no less than a year before being deemed invalid.

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