February 22, 2024

Lack of Bedsheet Patients Sleeps on Uncovered Beds At Buchanan Gov’t Hospital

BUCHANAN – Patients at the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan City are finding it very difficult to sleep on hospital beds due to the lack of bedsheets which allows them to feel more comfortable.

During the evening hours of Tuesday, December 6, 2022, a group of Media reporters visited the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan but observed that relatives of patients that are closer to the hospital bring in bedsheets to help their patients.

Several other patients that were transferred to the hospital from distances will have to spend their time in bed without a cover.

It was gathered that the lack of bedsheets at the hospital started immediately after the hospital’s laundry burned as a result of an alleged electrical fault.

Since the fire incident, there have been no funds for the hospital to purchase additional sets of bedsheets, something that appears very awful.

Mariah Toe, a relative of one of the patients said: “ we came from the interior but we bought our own bed sheet because I couldn’t sit here and allow our mother to be on a bed without a cover “.

She added that “ the nurses are doing their best for the patients but there’s a need for the lawmakers to help solve the bed sheet challenge the hospital is facing “.

Isaiah Johnson, another caretaker of a patient told Reports231 “ for me, I live here in Buchanan City, I went home and brought bedsheets and pillow for my uncle because there’s no bed sheet at the hospital, nor pillow“.

Administrators of the Hospital who asked not to be named confirmed to the Media team that there’s a need for humanitarian organizations to speedily intervene with bedsheets to enable the patients to have comfortable rest.

“ All the bedsheets got burned during the fire incident and so we are calling on humanitarians to help with bedsheets for the hospital “.

Meanwhile, it was observed that there is a need for humanitarians to speedily intervene by purchasing bedsheets for over 100 hospital beds at the hospital.

Investigation revealed that a set of hospital bed sheets is sole for $400- $500 LD or ($2.50- $3.50 USD ).

The sum of USD$300 will be equivalent to 100 bedsheets which will help the County’s only referral Hospital in that part of Liberia.

Reported by: Marvin Vah

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