February 28, 2024

Jama Purified mineral water company Launch

Authority at the Jama Purified mineral water company has officially launched the products into the Liberian market. The Company Launching ceremony took place over the weekend in the VOA, Kpekor, Brewerville community outside the nation’s capital Monrovia. Speaking at the occasion, the Liberia Business Association(LBA) president James Strother Lauded the CEO of Jama Purified mineral water for establishing such million dollars company in the country noting that it will empower many Liberians.

He said the growth and development of the country are in the preview of every Liberian as such there is a need for Liberians to remain focused and develop their country stressing that foreign nationals are mainly interested in getting the country’s natural resources out and leaving the people in poverty.

He is also pushing Liberians living abroad to invest in the private sector in order to participate in the development process since the government is unable to include all citizens. The LBA leader has committed to collaborating closely with the business’s CEO, Dr. Cherinor Sillah, to advance the enterprise and guarantee that the product is accessible throughout the nation.

He then issued a warning to workers at the newly built corporation, advising them to maintain United while carrying out their tasks at the institution. Dr. Cherinor Sillah, the founder and executive director of Jama Purified Mineral Water, has pledged to contribute to the national economy by establishing businesses in the private sector. Observing that the Jama Purified Mineral Water Company was founded in 2018 with the aim of providing safe and healthy drinking water in the country.

Dr. Cherinor Sillah emphasized that the Liberian people will have access to the purest water possible because of the recently constructed state-of-the-art water manufacturing factory and advanced water filtration system that used reverse osmosis and ozone technologies. The compound’s founder and executive director, Dr. Sillah, claimed it wasn’t built for financial gain but rather to provide clean, safe drinking water for every resident, stressing that the human body depends heavily on water, especially clean, safe drinking water.

He emphasized that his goal was to empower Liberians by offering job opportunities, and he asked the Kpekor community’s residents to take charge of the facility. Dr. Sillah pledged to act in the nation’s best interests by giving citizens access to jobs in the private sector.

Speaking on behalf of the staff, Jennifer George commended the CEO for giving local folks the opportunity to apply for Jobs while admonishing them to take it seriously. She said the CEO could have moved the business to a different neighborhood, thus it was an opportunity for the community.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
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