March 23, 2023

More Organizations and pressure groups declare support for “We Tired Suffering rally”

The “We Tired Suffering” event slated for December 17, 2023, has received backing from other associations and pressure groups, who have also decided to participate. Martin Kollah, the head of the organizing committee for the march on December 17, revealed that numerous pressure groups and professional organizations had shown support for joining the demonstration against the challenging economic climate in the nation at different meetings in Monrovia.

Mr. Kollah revealed that the National Tailors Union, the Gobachop Business Women, and veterans from the session of the Liberian society during a significant news conference in Monrovia.

Mr. Kollah predicts that more young people and women’s organizations will speak to the media from the podium to show their support for the event. The CPP Deputy Secretary General made it clear that the goal of this rally is not to promote Mr. Alexander Cummings’ or Mr. Lewis Brown’s political significance or popularity.

“The Liberian government ought to be grateful to the CPP since we are only providing a forum on which the people of Liberia can peacefully air their grievances regarding the dire economic situation in the nation. We encourage Liberians to express their rage about the current situation through legitimate and legal channels rather than by running away.”

Mr. Kollah clarified that only 100,000 T-shirts would be supplied for the event, thus 17 locations have been specifically designated for individuals to print their T-shirts.

Mr. Kollah noted that in preparation for an emergency, they have engaged the Liberia National Fire Rescue Service, the Liberia National Police, and medical teams for ambulances.

The Chairman of Team Cummings also spoke, explaining why the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Stadium was chosen as the location for the “We Tire Suffering” event. He claimed that the SKD Stadium was chosen because it is the same location where President George Weah delivered all of his broken promises to the Liberians.

“You shouldn’t give up or give in when you feel that your cause is just; this is why some people are still alive today because others gave their lives to ensure that we would have the opportunity to live as well. What sacrifices have we made in order to ensure the welfare of future generations? We are going back to the SKD because President Weah was compelled to do his inauguration there because of the overwhelming mandate he received, which prevented him from doing so where his predecessors had done so.”

Meanwhile, the Marketing Association of Liberia has disclamed that it has not endorsed any group or institution to protest against the Liberian government, they noted that the current economic situation is a worldwide issue.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963


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