February 21, 2024

Pres. Weah urges United States Government to strengthen and maintain partnership

Liberia President, George Manneh Weah has urged African Leaders to include Africans living abroad in the development process for good governance, transparency, and human rights as well as to re-define and reset the urgent priorities in economic, social, and political engagements that will serve as the reinforcement of the sincere commitment to democracy.

Mr. Weah also call on the United States government to strengthen and maintain partnerships at the 2022 US-Africa Leadership Summit. The Liberian Leader remarked that with millions of African immigrants and descendants living abroad, there is no doubt that there is a large pool of talent, education, technical know-how, and financial resources that can and ought to be used to advance the progress and development of the Continent.

According to the Liberian president, the joint initiative will act as a link to reuniting Africans throughout the diaspora with their shared cultural identities and ancestry. He noted that it is the duty of African leaders to respect and acknowledge the relevance of these numerous compatriots residing in the diaspora communities, whose contributions are essential to the growth and development of the continent.

Although they are geographically far from the homeland, the Leader remarked that they have a significant impact on the socioeconomic, cultural, and political environment of their different nations. This effect should not be disregarded or undervalued. At the beginning of the CDC Administration, approximately five (5) years ago, the process of repealing oppressive legislation was started in acknowledgment of the value of every Liberian in the diaspora community.

The Liberian leader took use of the occasion to let the world know that in July of this year, the Liberian government enacted a law allowing women to hold dual citizenship and allowing them to pass citizenship to their children. He emphasized that ONCE A LIBERIAN, ALWAYS A LIBERIAN! and pointed out that the CDC government had removed all legal obstacles that had stopped natural-born Liberians from lawfully resuming citizenship of the country of their ancestors. He claims that this is evidence of the Government’s commitment to making sure that diaspora residents are included in the nation’s rehabilitation and growth. He underlined that Liberians living abroad are an important resource for the country’s growth and development and that their full participation is essential.

He said that Africa should have a promising future. Africa has the potential to turn around the bleak outlook of the continent that is conveyed in the news daily. We have the demographic dividend necessary to make our area responsive to the needs of its people because more than 60% of Africans are young.

“In order to meet the requirements of the continent, young people and the larger African diaspora must innovate, invest, and transfer knowledge. Young people are often referred to as Africa’s future leaders. However, I have found that few opportunities are made available for individuals to realize their full potential. As a result, an increasing number of people are looking for possibilities in the West, where they can obtain a top-notch education and practical skills that will help them advance society. If given a chance, young people can take on the entire world.”

In order for young people in the diaspora to contribute to the change of the continent through their education and invention, African countries must also offer favorable conditions and the necessary framework. If Africa allows peace to reign, it can prosper. They can also be successful if they set the groundwork for young people to transition into a democracy with ease. Without a question, young people in Africa play a crucial role, Mr. Weah addressed the summit.

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

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