March 25, 2023

World Bank Approves One Million United States Dollars Human Capacity Development

Monrovia- The World Bank has reportedly approved one million United States Dollars for human capacity development at the National Road Fund and to implement a road sector development program in Liberia.
The Chief Executive Officer at the National Road Fund, Boniface Satu, said as a part of the agreement, some employees at his entity will be given training and some members of the national legislature will have to make a foreign trip in order to fund funds in other countries that are operated.

Mr. Satu emphasized the need for the National Road Fund to be transformed into an autonomous body in order to establish payment for road usage during a year-end press conference in Monrovia.

“In some counties, drivers pay to use the paved roads, which is another way for the government to generate cash. This has sped up the upkeep and building of more roads in some of our neighboring countries.”

He urged Liberians to stop using the National Road Fund as a “political football” in order to unite the 15 sub-political regions and plow the nation’s road network. He claims that over the past five years, the National Road Fund has provided around 120 million US dollars to the federal budget. According to Satu, the NRF played a significant role in helping a number of construction firms secure loans for the building of roads across the nation.

The NRF CEO asserted that because all financing is generated into a single, consolidated account, his organization has an open, transparent procedure with a high level of accountability. In order to inform the public about the significance of the National Road Fund, he urged lawmakers, politicians, and the media to use their different platforms.

Satu praised the NRF staff for their commitment and urged them to keep up their duty, integrity, and hard work in order to uphold the reputation of the organization.

“We should do everything in our power to assist President George Weah’s vision for constructing and developing this nation, and the quickest method for growth to occur in this nation is through the construction of roads into the interior.”

He praised the line ministries for working with the NRF throughout the years, in particular the Public Works, Transportation, Commence, and the national assembly.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963


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