April 2, 2023

Clinilab Medical and Diagnostic Center Calls for Public-Private Partnership In The Health Sector

The need for public-private partnerships in the provision of the nation’s healthcare delivery system has been emphasized by the chief executive officer of the Clinilab Medical and Diagnostic Center. According to Madam Habi Khoury, the government must support privately run clinics and hospitals in order to lower the cost of medicine and make it more accessible to the general public.

Madam Khoury made the appeal when the West African Media Network honored the Clinilab Medical and Diagnostic Center located on 15th Street in Sinkor in Monrovia on Thursday, December 29, 2022. According to her, the Clinilab Medical and Diagnostic Center will next year 2023 run for 24 hours and seven days of nonstop service in order to address the health needs of the public at any time.

She claimed that Liberia has a sizable number of qualified medical professionals on whom it can rely to treat many of the nation’s problems, but getting them can be difficult. The Chief Executive Officer of Clinilab Medical and Diagnostic Center stated that the CMDC aims to offer all Liberians access to inexpensive medical care regardless of their social standing or financial situation.

“While it is true that this entity was established for profit making, we are also trying to give back to society by demonstrating our social cooperative responsibility, We have been able to do a lot of services for people who cannot afford especially during the outbreak of coronavirus that rocked the world for more than two years.”

Mrs. Khoury commended the people’s cooperation and thanked the Liberian government for fostering an environment that made it possible to conduct business there. Opening the clinic is another way to give back to the community. According to John Khoury, who spoke for himself, 90% of the staff members are women, and they are all professionals from reputable Liberian universities. He claims that the CMDC does not have any plans to decentralize its operations and instead wants to form partnerships with hospitals and clinics in other areas to help them grow.

The CMDC was awarded, according to Joseph Wiah, Managing Editor of the West African Media Network, because of the relative contribution it is providing to the nation’s health sector. Mr. Wiah, who also serves as the National Public Health Institute of Liberia’s director of communication, praised Mr. and Mrs. Khoury for establishing the nation’s health sector. Mr. and Mrs. Khoury gave visitors a tour of the hospital, showing them the general and special wards, operating room, nurses’ quarters, and pharmacy.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963

Email: augustineoctavius@gmail.com

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