February 22, 2024

NPP Power Struggle Continues As..

Counselor Stanley Kparklin describes Senator Biney Action as a joke and illegal

Monrovia- The Jewel Howard-Taylor faction of the National Patriotic Party has rejected James Biney’s faction’s claim that the position of the standard bearer is vacant, exacerbating the divisions within the once-ruling party. Senator James Biney, the embattled National Chairman of the NPP, declared the party’s standard bearer and parliamentary seats void last week.

Based on this background, he gave the secretariat instructions to seek applications from qualified party members to fill the role of standard bearer. Senator Biney further directed the secretariat to seek applications from party members who intend to run for office later this year as senatorial and representative candidates on the party’s ticket.

Speaking at a news conference in Congo Town, Counselor Stanley Kparklin, National Chairman of the NPP’s Jewel Howard-Taylor faction, called the action taken by his faction to proclaim the NPP standard bearer post a joke and unlawful. Counselor Kparklin said that Senator Biney does not have the appropriate platform to handle his re-election as national chairman simply because the court ordered him to lead the NPP to a convention. The counselor told him that his responsibility was to declare the national convention open and then leave it in the hands of those who had been chosen to lead it.

The counselor alleged that Senator Biney’s “surrogates” blocked Vice President Taylor from entering the convention hall from the side. In order to establish who is valid, he advised Senator Biney to go to court or the National Elections Commission if he felt the need to assert his legality.

Counselor Kparklin stated that the NPP constitution does not contain a clause prohibiting the standard bearer from serving a third term. He claims that because they were given a mandate by the convention’s contentious majority block, his leadership is the NPP’s rightful representation.

He noted that the standard bearer has the support of more than 500 delegates and 13 county chairmen, he said Senator Biney has influence over two of the 15 county chairmen and 310 of the delegates that make up the national convention.

The counselor confirmed the Taylor faction’s dedication to the Weah-Taylor slate in the upcoming elections. Counselor Kprklin accused unnamed individuals of seeking to create the NPP issue in an effort to unseat Vice President Taylor and replace her as the standard bearer.

Prior to that, President George Weah, in his capacity as the Chairman of the governing council of the Coalition for Democratic Change, suggested that they rerun the national convention at the conclusion of the meeting with both parties in response to Senator Biney’s statement. In order to avoid ragging within the NPP, President Weah reaffirmed his intention to run for office with Madam Taylor as his running mate.

According to sources, Senator Biney made the decision to speak with his attorneys about President Weah’s suggestion that they hold the national convention again.

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