September 21, 2023

PLP National Chairman Describes Political Leader Death As Irreparable and Un-replicable

Monrovia- The People’s Liberation Party’s national chairman has said that Dr. Daniel Cassell’s passing has irreversible and unrepeatable effects on not only the party but also the entire nation. Dr. Cassell’s passing was unexpected for everyone, according to Mr. Tapple Doe, but everything will be done to preserve his vision because the party is not centered around a single person.

At the People’s Liberation Party’s headquarters in Congo Town on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Mr. Doe addressed the official opening of the book of condolences for its visionary, Dr. Daniel Cassell. The hundreds of people whose lives Dr. Cassell affected during his time in Liberia and other parts of the world, in his opinion, will be affected by his passing.

“Since death is one of the ways we will all leave this world at some point, this life is like a journey after one is born.”

According to him, the PLP has received calls from Ambassador Joseph Boakia, the former vice president and standard bearer of the Unity Party, and texts from Alexander Cummings, the standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties. Mulbah Morlu, the national chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change, visited the PLP on behalf of President George Weah. The PLP political figure passed away from heart failure after an exercise at his American residence as he was ascending from the basement of his building according to information.

Dr. Cassell recently entered politics and rose to prominence due to his humanitarian efforts, project construction, and introduction of affordable transportation through the importation of a fleet of buses for the common people in many areas of Liberia.

As a behavioral specialist consultant in the American cities of Philadelphia and Bucks County, Cassell formed Kwenyan Professional Health Services, a mental health/behavioral and drug misuse organization.

The PLP’s National Vice Chairman for Media Relations, Kalifala Kromah, has stated that the book of condolences will be available for three days and that he will be buried in the United States per his widow’s request.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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