February 22, 2024

NEC Certificates EFFL As Full Political Party

Monrovia- The Economic Freedom Fighter of Liberia (EFFL) now has legal authorization from the National Elections Commission to operate as a full-fledged political party in the nation. NEC Chairperson Daivdatta Browne Lassana stated during the event that the NEC had received an application from the Executive Committee of the Economic Freedom Fighter of Liberia expressing interest in forming a political party in accordance with the country’s new elections law and the 1986 constitution.

She claimed that after a thorough examination and a thorough process, the commission had no choice but to obey the law and register the group of Liberians who met the standards for the founding of a political party.

The head of the NEC tasked the EFFL leadership with organizing the operation in Liberia on the basis of the country’s elections law and constitution. She urged politicians to preserve the nation’s stability, security, and democracy as the general and presidential elections of 2023 draw near, emphasizing that everyone has a duty to preserve the nation’s peace.

EFFL Team represented at NEC

For his part, EFFL founder and political leader Emmanuel Gonqueh pledged to carry out the obligations and duties of his position as a political party in accordance with the country’s Elections Law and the 1986 Constitution. Insisting that political militancy is meant to compel social change and enable those who are not democratically obedient to become obedient and pay attention to the cries of the suffering.

Because the youth have grown accustomed to it, he added, the EFFL would abandon its militant stance; nothing that the EFFL form of militancy does not lead to bloodshed. The Economy Freedom Fighter of Liberia (EFFL) insisted that its members would continue to engage the country’s political spectrum in order to make sure that its residents and foreign allies understand that Liberians have suffered for a very long time and need new leadership to turn the nation into a great one.

The NEC is the mother institution that governs political parties in the nation, and Gonqueh reaffirmed the EFFL’s commitment to its rules and regulations, particularly during and after the country’s electoral process. “We look forward to working with the board of commissioners for the benefit of the nation.”

The ceremony place at NEC Headquarters in Central Monrovia on January 9, 2023.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
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