February 28, 2024

Rep. Gray suggests passing strict laws to stop corruption in the education sector

Monrovia- The Representative for Montserrado County’s District 8 urges the adoption of severe regulations to stop corruption in the education industry. Moses Acarus Gray, a representative, stated that there is a need to prevent pupils from transferring from one school to another without the necessary paperwork from the previous institution.

The suggestion was made by Representative Gray during his speech serving as the keynote address for the installation of the student council government at Monrovia College and Industrial Training School in Monrovia. He thinks that in recent years, it’s become far too common for children to switch schools after having a terrible performance in their previous one.

Representative Gray asserted that students’ success is not dependent on their schooling but on their commitment to studying and working hard. During the induction of the students, the Montserrado County Law marker warned the Monrovia College and Industrial Training School student council government to make sure that they followed the rules governing students on campus.

Representative Gray provided one photocopier machine and USD$500 for additional projects of the institution’s student council government at the conclusion of the induction event.

Mamia Sheriff, the newly elected president of the student council government of Monrovia College and Industrial Training School, stated in her induction speech that it is the goal of her administration to create a welcoming environment for students that is focused on enhancing the institution’s academic endeavors. She asserted that all students, regardless of their campus-based political party affiliation, must work together to create a vibrant student community at Monrovia College and Industrial Training School.

“We all share a love and concern for Monrovia College, and I appeal to all parties involved to see this as our shared bond.”

Others inducted were Boimah Cooper, Vice President; Gabriel Cooper, Secretary; Matthew Paye, Speaker; Hofsort Abdullah, Treasurer among others.

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