December 8, 2023

NPP Settles Internal Struggle

Monrovia- The standard bearer and the national chairman of the National Patriotic Party are claimed to have resolved their internal disputes after recognizing one another, prompting the legal concerns to be investigated. For the past three years, the NPP’s national executive committee has alternated between its standard bearer, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, and its national chairman, Maryland County Senator James Biney.

In a large gathering, last Friday, January 13, 2023, held at the National Patriotic Party’s headquarters in Congo Town, Vice President Taylor and Senator Biney came to an agreement in principle to acknowledge one another and cooperate. The agenda for the conference included two primary topics: the coalition framework paper and Samuel Jackson, a Liberian economist, being reaffirmed as a member of the NPP.

Speaking during the meeting, Vice President Taylor asserted that, as a result of President George Weah’s involvement, she had withdrawn her recognition of Counselor Stanley Kparkilin as Chairman. She claims that she expects Senator Biney, the National Chairman, to address her as such in light of President Weah’s call for the NPP to resume business as usual.

Some of her supporters briefly interrupted the gathering after her speech because Senator Biney said that he cannot accept her as the standard bearer until Counselor Stanley Kparkilin submits a letter to the circuit court refuting his allegation to the chairman, according to Senator Biney. Senator Biney claims that the National Elections Commission and the court were informed of the outcome of the mandate that was given to him by the court to hold a national convention and election. As the argument was going on, the Chairman Emeritus of the National Patriotic Party, Chief Cyril Allen walked in and held a meeting with both parties.

Chief Allen warned the NPP standard bearer and the National Chairman not to impede the party’s advancement shortly after the meeting. As the procedure leading to the resolution of the legal problem is being sought, Chief Allen informed VP Taylor and Senator Binay that internal squabbling in the NPP is over and they should now recognize each other.

Samuel Jackson, a Liberian economist, was next summoned to the stage and briefly reaffirmed his affiliation with the National Patriotic Party. He claims that the sole reason he is renewing his membership is that the NPP is a nationwide, grass-roots political organization. It was decided that another meeting would be organized to thoroughly discuss each item and provision in the coalition framework paper. This would allow members of the NPP’s national executive committee to express their opinions, voice their disagreements, and propose changes.

The legal issue is that Counselor Kparkilin is expected to write a letter to the circuit court withdrawing his claim of chairmanship, but the national executive committee elected under the guidance of  Senator Biney remains legitimate of the NPP and recognized by the National Elections Commission.  

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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