December 8, 2023

UMHRM Expresses Concern Over Ritualistic Killings in Liberia

Monrovia- Concern over the rise in ritualistic killings in various sections of the nation has been voiced by the United Methodist Human Rights Monitor. Jefferson Knight, the program director for the monitor, said it is upsetting to regularly receive reports of ritualistic homicides with parts missing.

Mr. Knight warned the Liberia National Police and other members of the joint security commission during a press conference in Monrovia to lower the country’s high rate of killings. The director of the United Methodist Human Rights Monitor Program asserted that the ritual killings had caused the entire populace to live in fear. Knight also denounced the extrajudicial killings of civilians, which are transforming the nation into an illegal colony.

“We are cataloging all these human rights abuses for further presentation to international partners. We strongly condemn the murders of impoverished kids through mob justice or extrajudicial killings. He claimed that no week will go by without hearing on the radio, in the newspaper, or on social media about ritualistic killings, mob justice, or deaths as a result of violence in Liberia. The majority of those suspected of complicity in these deaths, he continued, go with impunity, which is the worst of all. We shall not stand by and watch this nation turn into a gangster haven’t filled with murder, rape, drug usage, prostitution, gangsterism, and armed robbery.”

The United Methodist Human Rights Monitor has, in the meantime, sharply denounced anyone involved in the importation of a sizable quantity of weapons and ammunition at the Monrovia Freeport. The seizure of the weapons and ammunition at the port by the Liberia National Police and a residence in Brewerville, according to the monitor’s program director, is traumatic. Knight urged the Liberian government to enlist the help of American security agencies in tracing the channels taken by these lethal weapons when they are imported. He argued that the population of Liberia is not ready for another cycle of fighting and urged the government to swiftly establish the war crimes court.

According to human rights activists, people who wish to start another conflict in the nation will be discouraged by the prosecution of past warlords. Recently, LNP officers raided a home in Brewerville and the Monrovia Freeport to seize numerous weapons and ammunition after receiving a tip. Since then, three people have reportedly been detained, and steps are reportedly being made to request the Liberian living in the United States be extradited for allegedly bringing these lethal weapons into the country.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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