February 21, 2024

CAB Stage Peaceful Demonstration in demand of Justice

Monrovia – In order to demand security protection against ongoing criminal raids on the CAB Resource Learning Center, which is located in the R Two Community in Paynesville, more than 150 virtually impaired people from the Christian Association of the Blind staged a peaceful protest at the Ministry of Justice’s compound. The CAB Resource Learning Center has seen an upsurge in robberies recently, with robbers taking laptops, enormous sums of money from the safe, land deeds, food items, live animals, and generators.

Elijah Menyon, the secretary general of the Christian Association of the Blind, stated shortly before the remarks were presented that the virtually disabled individuals could not afford to purchase CCTV as suggested by President George Weah for their protection.

“We don’t have care, and the blind community, which still depends on the kindness of men and women, is at the bottom of Liberian society since there aren’t many employment or other options for them. It is obvious that due to their financial struggles, buying a CCTV or security camera is out of the question.”

Mr. Menyou noted that the protest was in no way for political reason but to respectfully request the government to provide security for the least in the Liberian society. He noted that more than five since the inception of the Weah-led government, is saddened to note that the issue of the less fortunate people in Liberia has been abandoned and neglected by the government that claim to be representing the people.

A cross session of the virtually students and their instructors

“We have assembled at the Ministry of Justice not in confrontation but with sincere believe that only a little bit of care and responsibility from the government is required to keep the future of the blind going.”

In order to prevent the criminals from robbing the center’s facilities completely, Mr. Menyon pleaded with the Ministry of Justice to do everything in its power to ensure protection for them. He stated that there is still a problem to be solved about the difficulties faced by those with impairments.

Eddie Tarawali, the Ministry of Justice’s Assistant Minister for Correction and Rehabilitation, acknowledged receiving the position statements and told the parties that Counselor Musa Dean, the Minister of Justice, would be informed of their appeal and would act promptly. On behalf of the president and the minister, he apologized for the situation and assured them that swift action would be taken to protect them.

“We want to make sure that we can advance on the appropriate course by keeping the lines of communication open in order to urgently address your difficulties. I’ve received your petition, and I completely understand what it means for those who are blind to be impacted by such a catastrophe. In line with your community, President George Weah continues to implement initiatives targeted at enhancing the lives of all Liberians, especially those who are disabled. However, there are difficulties, and those difficulties can be addressed by both the administration and the many organizations charged with carrying out the president’s numerous policies.”

Tarawali expressed optimism that the Ministry of Justice and the leadership of the Christian Association of the Blind will have to convene a meeting in order to find a way in providing security for the center. He added that Musa Dean, the justice minister, will approve the joint security permission after the meeting to guarantee that the center has security available at all times.

The petition, which was led by BAC President, Beyan Kota, was witnessed by the employees and junior staff at the Ministry of Justice.

“We believe that people who are blind should be considered equal citizens, but this is not case because those of us who are blind are always disadvantaged, relegated and marginalized.”

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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