April 2, 2023

Jomah Jallah transfers CPP 70K Case to Criminal A


Monrovia – Judge Jomah Jallah of the Monrovia City Court has requested that the case involving Simeon Davis, who is accused of stealing USD$70,000 from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), be transferred.

Judge Jomah Jallah stated that the case should be transferred to Criminal Court (A), which has original jurisdiction over felonious and other high-code criminal offenses, on January 23, 2023. Judge Jallah stated that the City Court lacks jurisdiction over the matter because it is a felonious crime.

judge Jallah noted that the legal team representing defendant Davis filed a valid criminal appearance bond with two human sureties that allow him to be free temporarily to his lawyer.

On Friday, January 20, 2023, the Liberia National Police filed charges against the 37-year-old defendant for Theft of Property and Misapplication of entrusted Property. Martin Kollah, the chairperson of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) rally on December 17 dubbed and branded “We TAYA Suffering,” filed a complaint that led to the charges against Defendant Davis.

Mr. Kollah claimed that on December 15, 2022, his driver, defendant Simeon Davis, vanished with his black bag, which included USD$70,000 in cash, a passport for the ECOWAS, a Techno Camon 7 phone, and an iPhone 6. According to the complainant Kollah, his black was delivered to defendant Davis, his driver, by one Dearest Brumskin, a CPP employee, based on a directive by Mr. Kollah. However, David vanished, taking the suitcase holding the money and other valuables to an unidentified location.

The group received US$25,000.00 in full cash from Mr. Paul Collins, the CPP’s head of finance, through one Rodney Wilson, the CPP ardent supporter informed police investigators. He continued by saying that after collecting the specified sum, the committee paid out US$10,000 and withheld the remaining US$15,000, which was meant to be paid to vendors the next day.

The latest decision from the City Court has given the CPP case another dimension. 

Reported by: G. Watson Richards

Contact: +231775807140

Email: richardswatson96@gmail.com

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