December 6, 2023

Ninety Thousand Liberians Were Affected by Flood and Fire Disaster in 2022: Says Disaster Management

Monrovia – The most recent data from the National Disaster Management Agency have shown that over 90 000 Liberians were affected by flood and fire disasters in 2022. The Executive Director of the Agency, Henry O. Williams, identified flooding as the most significant disaster in Liberia during the time period under consideration. He made the disclosure on Thursday, January 26, 2023, at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) regular press briefing in Monrovia.

According to Mr. Williams, figures also indicate that the fire calamity had an impact on around 500 people. The Executive Director of the National Fire Disaster Agency remarked that because disasters are expensive, the national government must increase the Institution’s financial capability.

He informed the public that the management has over the years constructed a state-of-the-art building that contained an Emergency Operating Center (EOC ) aimed at providing early warming information at the head of any disaster. To prove the electricity supply in the country, the management will be installing a state-of-the-art trade bank that will supplement when there is no general electricity.

He argued that electricity, Internet connectivity, and disaster containment are all necessary for the Disaster Management team to function effectively. He identified one element contributing to disaster in the nation as the building of homes in unapproved areas. The executive Director warned the Liberian government to pay attention to the poor people since they are the victims in the most obvious way.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
Contact: +231777376826

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