February 21, 2024

MDR Constituted Five-Man Committee To Investigate its National Vice Chairman for Governmental Affairs

Monrovia – A five-person committee has been established by the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) to investigate its National Vice Chairman for Governmental Affairs’ news release that contradicted the party’s position on the 2023 presidential and legislature elections.

The MDR National Vice Chairman, Wilfred Bangura, who serves as the Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, issued a press release last week announcing the party’s support for President George Weah’s bid for reelection in the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

The MDR national executive committee and the youth wing distanced themselves from the press release a day after Mr. Bangura’s statement was released. The MDR’s national executive committee called an emergency meeting on Saturday, January 28, 2023, at the Party headquarters in Congo Town during the weekend.

Speaking to the media, MDR National Vice Chairman for Public Affairs Kelvin Matadi revealed that Mr. Michael Dadedeh serves as the chairman of the five-man committee. He clarified that in accordance with the Liberian Constitution, the five-person committee has also been instructed to grant Mr. Bangura all of the rights under the notion of due process.

Mr. Matadi claims that the meeting, which was presided over by the party’s National Chairman, Counselor Cooper kruah, and co-facilitated by the vision and standard bearers, Senators Prince Johnson and Jeremiah Koung, also reaffirmed the MDR’s intention to run candidates in the presidential and legislative elections.

Since Senator Prince Johnson announced his decision to stop supporting President George Weah’s second bid for office in the 2023 elections, the majority of MDR national executive committee members who hold appointed positions in government have been extremely reticent to publicly speak out on the political issue that is gradually dividing the party.

The former rebel leader, who is now a senator for Nimba County, has started to engage in slanderous politics against the CDC-led administration by asking that the state return the 7.5 million US dollars that Nimba County has received over the years as a social obligation from Arcelor Mittar.

On Sunday, January 29, 2023, Senator Johnson vehemently disagreed with the government’s explanations for a number of unexplained deaths that occurred across the nation over the course of five years following the establishment of the CDC-led administration.

He asserted that the Liberian government’s narrative of Melvin Early, an Executive Protective Service officer, being shot and killed in Tappita, Nimba County, is untrue. Senator Johnson also disputed the Liberian government’s explanations for the inexplicable deaths of two auditors discovered in a car on Broad Street in Monrovia as he gave the sermon speech at the Christ Chapel of Faith.

He believes it is highly suspicious that the two auditors for the Liberia Revenue Authority, Gifty Lamah, and Albert Peters, were called to a person’s location only to be discovered dead in a vehicle. The Nimba County Senator revealed that Princess Cooper was murdered and dumped there as a way to hide it in a statement regarding her death.

According to the Nimba County Senator, Moses Ahossouhe, the owner of Saint Moses Funeral Home, was not engaged by the Liberian government to work for him at Oriental Mining in Bong County, contrary to claims made by the three boys.

The senator said that Siafa, Robert Blamo Jr., and Blama were killed and placed in the river, although he did not specify who committed the murders. In a nation where individuals are slaughtered and the security forces colluded with the government, Senator Johnson made it clear that he can in no way support this type of governance.

Last week, former deputy information minister Eugene Fahngon said on the Spoon FM Network that Albert Peters, Gifty Lamah, and former internal auditing agency director general Emmanuel Nyeswa had all been murdered by government officials. However, the Liberian government has not responded to the revelations made by its two erstwhile partners regarding the inexplicable murders or killings, particularly those involving prominent government auditors.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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