March 25, 2023

Chinese Embassy Delivers Tobeyville Primary School To County Authorities

The People’s Republic of China through its Embassy has handover to authorities a newly constructed and first primary public school in the Township of Tobeyville, Harper District, Maryland County. The signing and handover ceremony took place at the Chinese Embassy in Congo Town on Friday, January 27, 2023. A number of elected authorities and well-known county residents were represented to grace the occasion.

Newly constructed Tobeyville Primary Public School in Harper District, Maryland County

According to Ren Yisheng, the Chinese ambassador to Liberia, the newly built Tobeyville Primary Public School is a gift from the government of the People’s Republic of China to the residents of Maryland County. Ren Yisheng emphasized that since children are a country’s future, investing in their education is crucial. The school had five classrooms, three restrooms, one teacher’s office, and support spaces for at least 100 children on a 187.6 square meter floor area. The initiative was estimated to have cost US$70,000 by Ambassador Yisheng, with USD$10,000 coming from CHICO Liberia.

Ren Yisheng, Chinese Ambassador to Liberia

It is reported that Representative P. Mike Jurry paid the Chinese ambassador a visit two years ago, shortly after the Chinese representative arrived in Liberia as the 6th Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Liberia since the end of the civil war in 2003, and made a standing appeal to the Chinese government to consider aiding in the construction of a primary school.

Rep. P. Mike Jurry’s request was conveyed back to China by Ambassador Yisheng with encouraging recommendations. The request’s approval with a budget of USD$60,000 was confirmed at the start of 2022. Continuing, he emphasized that one of the five classrooms was donated by CHICO, and described the school’s building as a continuous project to accommodate additional children in the future.

Class Room

Since their diplomatic relations were established in February 1977, China and Liberia have been close allies and have supported one another, according to Ambassador Yisheng. “Since the end of the civil war, trade and commerce, security, education, the economy, and other areas have seen significant advancements between the two countries. I assure you that China will build two overhead bridges and two laboratories for the 14- Military Hospital.”

The development of the town’s public primary school, according to P. Mike Jurry, representative for Harper District in Maryland County, will encourage kids to show up to school and focus on their education. He stated that having access to a public elementary school gives opportunities for children to reach their full potential and increases their chances of becoming successful future leaders. The school will help youngsters in New Kru Town, Maryland, develop into future excellent individuals on the basis of justice.

P. Mike Jurry, Representative for Harper District, Maryland County

“I think every child should have this kind of early childhood experience in school, the school will be the first opportunity for Tobeyville kids to be in a structured setting. This school will be a justifiable platform to provide equity and chance to the incredibly disadvantaged children growing up in the community to become the people of their dreams,” Rep. Jurry noted.

Both Rep. Jury and Maryland County Development Superintendent, Reuben Scott, commended the Chinese Embassy and CHICO Liberia for the initiative to Tobeyville community.

Toilet facility

The managing director of CHICO, Liberia, Wu Zhenjiao, stated that his organization is honored to have the chance to contribute to the creation of the Tobeyville Primary School, and the education sector in Liberia.

Mr. Zhenjiao noted that CHICO made every effort to provide the classrooms on time and to the highest possible standard. He stated that they recognize the value of the school for the future of the neighborhood kids and the community.

Wu Zhenjiao, Managing Director CHICO, Liberia

Mr. Zhenjiao noted that schools around the nation, particularly outside of major cities in Liberia, are in desperate need of infrastructural improvements. Education is crucial for the growth of both an individual and a state, he added.

He expressed CHICO readness to help in the development of Liberia.

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