December 8, 2023

World Bank aim is to end Extreme Poverty and Boost Shared Prosperity; Says Khwima Nthara

Congo Town, Monrovia – The goal of the Forest and Climate Resilience Forum, according to Khwima Nthara, Country Manager of the World Bank in Liberia, is to renew political commitments and widespread interest in sustainable forest management and climate resilience at the highest level as a key strategy for assisting Liberia’s pro-poor agenda for prosperity and development. He stated that the twin objectives of eradicating extreme poverty and fostering shared prosperity are the focus of the World Bank Group’s work in its member nations.

He contends that in order to alleviate poverty and advance shared prosperity, it is necessary to identify every avenue that could be used to accomplish these goals. He added that the forest sector has been recognized as a potential means of assisting nations in reducing poverty and fostering shared prosperity. According to him, an estimated 350 million people depend on dense forests for both their subsistence and their source of income.

The World Bank country manager emphasized the significance of forests to rural livelihoods, noting that the poverty and environment network of the World Bank estimates that up to 22% of rural households living close to forested regions derive their income from forest sources.

He praised the Weah government for showing interest in forests, and at the same time admonish them to give more support to the sector. Mr. Khwima Nthara spoke at the 2023 Forest and Climate Resilience Forum on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

Reported by: Boama Johnson

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