March 24, 2023

CDC criticizes EPS personnel for Donning Political T-shirts

The Executive Protection Service employees who wore political t-shirts to the CDC One Million Citizen Rally have been publically criticized by the Coalition for Democratic Change for their actions. Some members of the Executive Protection Service were seen over the weekend during the CDC One Million Citizens Rally in Monrovia and other parts of the nation wearing political t-shirts of President Weah.

At a press conference, Secretary General Jefferson Koijee announced that the party, through its National Chairman Mulbah Morlu, has formally written EPS Director Trokon Roberts about the situation. Speaking to the media on Monday, February 6, 2023, at the CDC offices in Congo Town, Koijee expressed his conviction that the EPS officers involved did not want to hurt other people or opposing political parties with their actions.

The CDC Secretary General, who is also the Mayor of Monrovia, emphasized that the party will never support any dishonest behavior on the side of state security. Jefferson Koijee has also refuted statements made by the general public that the CDC is losing support since people aren’t making their own t-shirts anymore. He claims that the party has now reached the position and capacity to print even two-party t-shirts for each of its partisans.

Koijee has called a national homecoming for all disenchanted Coalition for Democratic Change supporters. Prior to the elections, he emphasized that the action aims to strengthen and revitalize their unity for the benefit of the nation.

Reported by: Boima Johnson

Contact:+231 77 619 3697

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