February 21, 2024

ELWA Students protest in demand of Teachers pay

On Tuesday, several Eternal Love Winning Africa-Academy (ELWA) students organized a demonstration on the school’s campuses to demand the pay of their instructors. Miss Victory Oguntimehin, the president of the student council, claims that since December 2022, none of their instructors, including those from other ELWA Ministries divisions, have been paid, which has caused them to miss class.

Miss Oguntimehin mentioned that the teachers staying away from classes is seriously hindering their normal learning activities through ELWA Academy teachers have over the years been passionate about preparing their students to perform excellently in the past government Exams, but they fear the impending ones. She acknowledged that besides the salaries of their instructors, they have been denied several benefits as students from 2018 up to the present ranging from better science laboratory, founders day program, and other extra curriculum activities amongst others.

“Our teachers’ salaries have been paid late for a long time. This has been occurring in ELWA Academy since memorial day. We are in solidarity with our teachers because of the numerous sacrifices they have made over the years, even if they haven’t been complaining.”

When contacted the Principal of ELWA Academy, Justin Tokeh said he reserved all comments regarding the situation.

Reported by: Sylvester S. Tamba

Contact: +231 77 668 7195

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