March 23, 2023

GoL in Partnership with China Dedicates First Wheel Chair Basketball Court in Liberia

The first open-air wheelchair basketball court in Liberia’s history was built by the Liberia Wheel Chair Basketball Federation with assistance from the Chinese government. The court’s judgment put an end to the debate over disabled individuals’ prohibition from using other facilities. On Friday, February 3, 2023, the project, which cost thousands of US dollars was formally dedicated. The project is situated at Paynesville’s renowned SKD Sports Complex.

Speaking at the occasion, the People’s Republic of China’s ambassador Ren Yisheng praised the several projects his country is currently working on in Liberia. With the two countries’ connection, Ambassador Yisheng thinks China will continue to play a friendly role to make sure Liberia understands the friendship. The project is located at the famous SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville.

“Given that there are up to 85 million disabled persons in China, we don’t regret doing this for the Liberian disabled population, and while this is a minor project, I think we will have a better one in the future.”

First open-air wheelchair basketball court

Founder and president of the Liberia Wheel Chair Basketball Federation, Ambassador Lionel Johnson, stated that he is currently the happiest man in Liberia and said that it is beyond his wildest dreams to see a court constructed for his fellow disabled people. He asserts that the federation will hold its inaugural national league with six clubs due to the well-prepared facilities.

“I must express my gratitude to the government of Liberia and the People’s Republic of China for their continued support to our federation. As you can see, we have a brand-new facility to perform all of our activities here in peace, which makes me quite delighted.”

Meanwhile, Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson said the government does not provide funding for federations but subsides. He added that federations and associations lobbying for their own sponsors is welcoming.

“We will play our part as a government but remember, we can’t do everything for all the federations and associations.”

Reported by: Sylvester S. Tamba

Contact: +231 77 668 7195

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