September 21, 2023

President Weah Cautions AFL to Boost Border Control Mechanisms and Stay Alert to Potential Negative Effects

President and Commander In Commander of the Armed Forces of Liberia, George Weah, has issued a warning to the military, urging them to keep bolstering the border control system and being watchful for threats to the country’s peace and stability. Because democracy cannot exist without a trained military, he continued, the government will continue to support and promote the Liberian army.

President Weah expressed his implicit trust in the military and other security forces during his remarks at the BTC’s celebration of Armed Forces Day’s 66th anniversary. He also thanked the US, China, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Ghana for their assistance in providing equipment for the new Liberian Armed Forces.

“Historically, the celebration of the Armed Forces of Liberia is a long-time tradition that was borrowed from the United States of America. I have progressively monitored the achievements of the Armed Forces of Liberia and I have no doubt that the Liberian military is heading for greatness in the national and international community.”

Daniel Ziankahn, the Minister of National Defense, stated that the Armed Forces of Liberia will continue to be apolitical as long as the presidential and legislative branches exist. He advised political parties to conduct their electoral efforts in a peaceful manner in order to preserve the peace and stability of the nation. According to the defense minister, the construction of housing units for the officers and soldiers of the AFL is 80 percent complete, which is consistent with President Weah’s objective to improve the living and working circumstances of the soldiers.

Daniel Ziankahn, Minister of National Defense

He claims that the schools created for the children of military people are succeeding both nationally and internationally. Under his supervision, the government has continued to assist the AFL and the Ministry of National Defense, which has improved their growth, capacity to carry out their tasks, and performances on the national and international stage. He explained that almost all the assistant ministers and directors at the Ministry of National Defense as well as the key commanders of the AFL are been supplied vehicles.

The AFL was given the order to enlist 1,000 new recruits into the Liberian army, and the first batch of 170 recruits has been enlisted. They have successfully finished both their first entrance training and their advanced individual training, according to the Minister of National Defense. Because this project is purely the work of the AFL’s high leadership, he claims that 24 specialized soldiers, mostly medics, are currently receiving specialized training.

Major General Pablo Estrada, the commanding general of the 46th Military Police Command in Lansing, Michigan, gave the keynote address at the event, he praised the AFL for collaborating with other security organizations to maintain peace and stability in the nation.

According to him, everyone understands that cooperation among the security agencies is important for the future and the maintenance of democracy in the country.

Major General Pablo Estrada, Commanding General 46th Military Police Command in Lansing, Michigan,

“As Liberia looks to this year’s national elections,” he said; adding: “the AFL should remain ill-political and professional military will continue to portray AFL as an army for good.”    

AFL during parade

The celebration, which was held under the theme: “ Inter Agencies Collaboration; Working Together for Peaceful Elections, ” was graced by a large crowd including foreign guests present and former officials of government,  members of the diplomatic corps, officers of the Liberia National Police, the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service, the Liberia Seaport Police, the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency and the Liberia Immigration Service.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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