February 28, 2024

Senator PYJ Claims Chief Cyril Allen gave NPFL Terrible Advice to Assassinate Great People

Monrovia –Evangelist Prince Johnson has accused National Patriotic Party Chairman emeritus Chief Cyril Allen of plotting a number of wicked strategies with NPFL in the past to assassinate honorable individuals. The Nimba County Senator claimed that the NPP Chairman Emeritus’s poor methods everywhere he went caused uncertainty in numerous institutions and even led to former President Charles Taylor being jailed today for no discernible reason.

Jackson F. Doe, Samuel Dokie, Jennie Dahn and family, Stephen Yekerson, Moses Doepull, John Yormah, and Isaac Vaye, among others, were all killed as a result of the NPF L’s bad-advice-from-Chief Cyril Allen-era strategies, according to Senator Prince Y. Johnson.

On February 12, 2023, Evangelist Johnson preached at his own church, Christ Chapel of Faith Ministry, with the sermon’s theme: “Don’t allow your past to drive your presence” Text from Romans 8:1-4. He emphasized that Liberians should not dwell on the past and that, no matter how difficult it may be, they should let the past go. Senator Johnson claimed that the former NPP Chairman emeritus called him a tribalist, something he noted as unfortunate for Cyril Allen’s terrible advice to the NPFL strategies that murdered many people.

“We all have unpleasant pasts, but as I mentioned, we shouldn’t linger on them; instead, we should consider what the future holds. Despite being accused of being a murderer with a dark agenda and having murdered the former president Samuel Doe, I have now been called by God to preach his teachings”.

The Nimba County Senator and preacher man said people are still calling him and others of being wicked which he thinks is wrong because that was the past. According to him, the Bible said touch, not my anointed, and did my Prophet no harm, adding that, he has been redeemed by God and called to preach his words.

“My past is what it is. Why do you people still see everything as being against us? Please let it go, no matter how ugly it may be.”

Meanwhile, the National Patriotic Party Chairman Emeritus Chief Cyril Allen referred to Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson as a tribalist in a discussion with journalists on Thursday, February 9, 2023. According to the former NPP Chairman, Senator Johnson has been advocating tribal politics in Nimba for years in order to win the hearts and minds of the populace. He added that the younger generation in the County will no longer permit themselves to be manipulated by such ideas of the Senator. With the degree of progress made in Nimba under the direction of the CDC, Chief Allen asserted that they will receive a significant number of votes even without the assistance of Senator Johnson.

National Patriotic Party Chairman Emeritus Chief Cyril Allen

The Coalition for Democratic Change’s Chairman of the Governing Council, Chief Cyril Allen, was responding to the Movement for Democratic and Reconstruction’s apparent failure to re-commit its support to the coalition. A political institution that the senator has created. Prince Johnson, a senator for Nimba County, was also criticized by Chief Cyril Allen for persistently adhering to his political views. Chief Cyril Allen said that he still had faith in Prince Johnson’s ability to reaffirm his commitment to the CDC.

“Nimba is home to a number of different tribes, and we will cooperate with several of them to win a sizable portion of the popular vote. Even if Senator Johnson is a tribalist, Chief Allen remarked, “I still think he’ll come back and recommit his support to the Coalition accord because of his constantly consistent political principles.”

Chief Cyril Allen also said despite the disenchantment of former House Speaker, Alex Tyler to re-new his signature on the party framework documents; CDC will not feed a candidate against him for the senatorial race of the 2023 elections. According to NPP Chairman in emeritus, LPDP Standard Bearer as an individual cannot influence the party withdrawal from the Coalition agreement while the party Executive Committee is in support of the idea.

He maintained that the former House Speaker will be supported fully during the Coalition primary to emerge victorious to contest the senatorial seat in Bomi County. Chief Cyril Allen, speaking with journalists on Thursday, February 9, 2023, asserted that, the Coalition can only feed a candidate against former Speaker Tyler in October’s elections if he contests as an Independent candidate.

Reported by: Sylvester Tamba

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