March 25, 2023

GoL and Saudi Arabia Signs USD$500,000 Rice Agreement

Monrovia – An agreement for the donation of 29,000 25kg bags of rice, valued at USD 500,000, has been signed between the governments of the Government of Liberia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help the country’s most disadvantaged citizens. Nasser Alsusaie, the leader of the Saudi Arabian technical team’s mission, signed on behalf of the Saudi Arabian monarchy while Dee Maxwell Saah Kemeyah, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberian signed on behalf of the Liberian government.

Mr. Nasser Alsubaie said the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is delighted to be connected with aiding the needy in Liberia during the signing ceremony and exchange of notes. In order to boost the local economy, he revealed that a Liberian company had been contacted to buy the rice. According to Alsubaie, the Fouta Corporation, a Liberian business, will provide the rice to the Liberian government in two months.

Mr. Nasser Alsubaie

He also claims to have brought the initial payment of USD$2,000,000 for the refurbishment of the Liberian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the signing ceremony, Jeannie Cooper, the minister of agriculture, emphasized the importance of involving the local rice farmers in order to increase their ability. She said Liberian rice growers and producers said it would take them nearly a year to produce such a large amount of rice for sale.

The Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Wilfred Bangira, represented Minister Winnie Diggs, at the signing ceremony, and thanked the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the gesture towards the Liberian people.

In a separate speech, Dee Maxwell Kemayah, the foreign minister, was commended by Henry Williams, the executive director of the National Disaster Management Agency, for his efforts in securing food aid for the nation’s hungry. Minister Kemayah received his assurance that the rice bags would be distributed to those in need and that nothing would be diverted for any purpose.

In response, Foreign Minister Dee Maxwell Kemeyah thanked Saudi Arabia on behalf of President George Weah for giving the people of Liberia rice worth 500,000 US dollars. Minister Kemayah took use of the chance to request that the Saudi Arabian government establish an embassy in Monrovia in order to deepen bilateral relations.

“We are hoping that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will give serious consideration for the construction of a new building to host the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Thelma Sawyer, the deputy minister for administration at the ministry of foreign affairs, as well as assistant ministers and department directors, attended the signing event. Abdulaziz Alatiq represented the Saudi technical team.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963


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