February 28, 2024

MOFA Launches New Regulations for Liberia Counsel Generals

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially launched its new regulations for counsel generals assigned at the Liberian Counsel General Offices around the world.

Performing the launching of the ceremony, Foreign Minister, Dee Maxwell Kemayah, directed all of Liberia’s Counsel Generals assigned in various parts of the world to re-apply as an effort aimed at taking stock, consolidating funds generated by counsel generals and serving the best interest of the government and people.

He claims that this is among the many measures carried out with President George Weah’s consent to make sure that all funds collected at different counsel general offices are deposited into a single account. The Liberia Maritime Authority’s five counsel generals are the only ones who are free from the two-year term requirement, according to the foreign minister.

“Up to the present, I do not know the number of counsel generals of Liberia,  who are abroad because some of them have transferred the positions to their children.”

According to Minister Kemayah, certain counsel generals have held their positions since the 1960s, during the late President William V. S. Tubman’s administration. A committee has been established, according to Kemayah, and it is co-chaired by the deputy foreign minister for administration, Thelma Duncan-Sawyer, and one representative from each department at the ministry. The committee is led by the deputy foreign minister for legal affairs, Counselor Deweh Gray.

The Foreign Minister clarified that each counsel general who will be reappointed must outline strategies for the next two years and submit regular reports.

Speaking during the reception, Foreign Minister, Dee Maxwell Kemeyah, on behalf of  President George Weah and the Liberian people, commended the members of the diplomatic corps for their contributions towards the development initiatives of the Liberian government.

Minister Kemeyah reaffirmed his government’s commitment to holding a free, fair, transparent, and inclusive election during the presidential and legislative elections in October this year. A reception for the diplomatic community accredited close to Monrovia was held on Monday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The French Ambassador Michael Roux, who is the Acting Doyen of the Diplomatic Corps , thanked the Liberian government and assured Minister Kemayah of the diplomatic community’s fullest cooperation in holding free and fair elections.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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