February 28, 2024

Liberia Muslim Community Endorse Weah 2023 Presidency

President George Weah of Liberia has won another endorsement from the Muslim community, a little more than a week after receiving the one million-strong support of members and supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change to run in the upcoming elections on October 10, 2023. Mariana D. Keita read the group’s declaration of support and praised the Liberian President for the enormous progress made in the entire nation.

She mentioned, the construction of 28 additional high schools across the nation, the improvement of road connectivity, the expansion of electricity, the development of health facilities, free tuition at public universities, the investment of more than 1.8 million US dollars to address the needs of disadvantaged youths, maintaining national peace and stability, and the payment of WAEC fees for 12th graders nationwide.

President George Manneh Weah denied claims that the Mandingo Community in Liberia was hostile to his government in his acceptance address and emphasized the country’s friendly relations with Muslims. The Liberian Leader referred to allegations of an allegedly strange relationship between Muslims and Mandingos as simply impressions and false information propagated by individuals he labeled “political miscreants.”

In conjunction with the 4B Movement for Weah Presidential bid in October 2023, a group of Muslim women under the banner Forceful Women for Weah 2023 organized the endorsement ceremony for the Liberian president on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.

President Weah made it clear that his connection to the Muslim faith stretches back to his time as a student at the Muslim Congress High School in Monrovia, and he hasn’t felt distant from it since. He described the Mandingo Community’s mistrust of his leadership and the Coalition for Democratic Change as “increasing misinformation and false perceptions being pushed by political miscreants in the corridor of national politics and the public in general.”

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

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