March 25, 2023

NAHTT Bid Farewell To IOM Mohammed Dialo

The National Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce of Liberia through the Ministry of Labour has bid farewell to the outgoing International Organization for Migration (IOM) Country Representative, Mr. Mohammed S. Dialo. The Chairman of the Taskforce, Labour Minister Cllr. Charles H. Gibson said the work of Mr. Dialo as head of IOM in Liberia helped to intensify the Government of Liberia’s policy direction in the fight against human trafficking in the Country.

According to Minister Gibson, IOM under Mr. Dialo also influences good work that relates to human trafficking in the government budget for human trafficking and the construction of additional Safe-homes for victims. Minister Gibson said though there were several international and local partners involved with the collaboration in the fight against human trafficking, the IOM contributions were exceptional, especially in bringing back the Liberian ladies from Oman.

“I have over the last two years gotten closer to Mr. Dialo as though we are brothers because of his heart for Liberia. He has drama that what the Taskforce does is successful, we have several collaborations with international organizations but none is compared with the IOM under his leadership.”

Minister Gibson noted that the work of Mr. Dialo has touched the lives of many Liberians by ensuring that victims are given protection, and the opportunity to resettle and reintegrated because outside of that determination, the society will disintegrate. He said when people are victimized they must be rehabilitated, reintegrated, and resettle in society. He said under the leadership of Mr. Dialo, Liberia has been able to achieve those values.

Min. Charles Gibson and Mohamed Dialo pose photo with staff

In response, the departing county director for the International Organization for Migration, Mr. Mohammed S. Dialo, expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Labour for facilitating his work in Liberia through the Trafficking In-Persons Secretariat, noting that the collaboration between the IOM and the Labour Ministry, including the Taskforce, did not begin when he arrived in Liberia.

According to Mr. Dialo, his organization collaborated with the Ministry of Labour to create the national referral pathway for trafficking victims in 2010 as well as the Standard Process to combat the crime. He mentioned how the IOM had helped train regional Organizations to aid in the fight against human trafficking.

Mr. Dialo noted that IOM had backed the reintegration of the women who had been brought back from Oman. He claimed that the IOM and the Ministry of Labor are working together to create two safe residences to make sure that survivors who were repatriated home are more secure. He added that for the past three years, he has been in Liberia, and as a son of the region, he loves the peace being enjoyed in Liberia considering what has passed over the years. Mr. Dialo praised the peace that Liberians are currently experiencing in the nation.

Mr. Dialo added that the peace Liberia has achieved will translate to development, noting that everyone in their collective effort is contributing to rebuilding Liberia. He encouraged Africans to invest in Africa because Africa is the future.

In a special message to the youth, Mr. Dialo reminded the young people to take the lead, remain focused, build their capacity, work hard, and support their leaders noting that moving forward is the best solution. He said from 2020 to 2022, the IOM brought 1124 Liberian migrants from other parts of the world excluding those trafficked in Oman. He used the occasion to call on women to maintain their values and that governments in Africa are trying very hard to ensure that the values of our women are maintained.

Members of Liberia’s National Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce, representatives of national and international anti-human trafficking groups, the ladies brought in from Oman, and representatives of the Ministry of Labour all attended the farewell program.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963


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