February 28, 2024

Chinese Envoy Applauds Reform of the Foreign Ministry

Monrovia – Charge d’ Affaires and Deputy Chief of Mission at the Chinese Embassy close to Monrovia, Mr. Xu Kun, has praised the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., and members of his senior management team for the significant changes the ministry has undergone since Amb. Kemayah unveiled the ministry’s reform agenda.

The top Chinese diplomat reportedly made the statement on February 28, 2023, while paying him a visit at his foreign ministry office on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, according to a statement from the ministry of foreign affairs.

The long-standing diplomatic ties between Liberia and China, which he said need to be further solidified and strengthened for the mutual advantage of the two countries and peoples, were discussed with the Liberian Foreign Minister. He said they were based on shared principles and shared interests.

The Chinese Envoy disclosed his government’s readiness to offer 25 bilateral training opportunities for the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including young and middle-level diplomats, to participate in a three-week training program in diplomacy and other disciplines in the People’s Republic of China beginning in May of this year as part of efforts to support the ministry’s reform agenda.

The Chinese Charge d’Affaires expressed sincere gratitude to Minister Kemayah and his senior management team for initiating the ongoing reform, which has a significant impact on the performance of staff members at the ministry’s home office and its foreign missions abroad. He also expressed deep and fair appreciation for the reform exercise that is currently taking place at the Ministry. The previous Chinese ambassador to Liberia, Ambassador Ren Yisheng, who was appointed by President George Manneh Weah, was honored by the government of Liberia, and the charge d’affaires thanked it for the gesture.

The Liberian Foreign Minister Kemayah responded by praising the Chinese government for the ongoing development aid it provides to the Liberian government and people. Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr. welcomed the Chinese Charge d’ Affaires at the Foreign Ministry, thanked him for coming, and expressed gratitude for the opportunities for technical and bilateral training that China continues to provide Liberia through the ministry in order to improve the performance of its personnel.

The minister continued, “We are of the strongest belief that it will add value to the work they do at the ministry and help cement the friendly relations between Liberia and the People’s Republic of China.” He was referring to the 25 bilateral training opportunities offered by the PRC.

Foreign Minister Kemayah also commended the Chinese envoy for his kind words to the Liberian government and people regarding the honor conferred upon the departing Chinese ambassador to Liberia following a fruitful diplomatic career in that country. The Dean of the Cabinet praised the departing Chinese Ambassador for his contribution to advancing bilateral cooperation, for which Liberia is eternally thankful. According to the Chief Liberian Diplomat, one of the major focuses of Liberia’s foreign policy goals in dealing with the PRC is to maintain its unwavering dedication to the one-China policy.

Foreign Minister Kemayah told the Chinese diplomat that President George Manneh Weah highly appreciates China’s assistance and attaches importance to the Liberia-China relationship, adding “he will continue to work with his Chinese counterpart in deepening cooperation and further strengthening diplomatic ties with Beijing”.

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