December 8, 2023

Minister Wesseh Blamoh Embarks on Series of Nationwide engagements in support of President Weah’s reelection

Harbel, Margibi – Wesseh Blamoh, the minister of state for presidential affairs, has started a number of national engagements to help President George Weah win reelection. Minister Blamoh traveled to Harbel, Lower Margbi County, on Sunday for his most recent activity.

In a meeting with other top clergymen in the region, Minister Blamoh urged them to band together to re-elect President Weah.

Bishop Wesseh Blamoh, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs,

The first meeting with local prelates, according to Bishop Blamoh of the Reformed Church of Hope, was intended to start a dialogue before the elections in October.

Some of the senior clergymen supported Minister Blamoh’s proposal to grant President Weah a second term during the interactive engagement, while others suggested waiting until the next meeting to officially decide the issue.

Minister Blamoh speaking to cross session of pastors, Rev. and Bishops

Minister Blamoh also thanked his fellow senior pastors for their hospitality and interactions, and he pledged to stay in touch with them before, during, and after the election.

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