March 29, 2023

Internal crisis in Nimba Kwado Incorporated Continues

Monrovia, Liberia – The embattled President, who was suspended for endorsing President George Weah’s bid for a second term, has immediately dissolved the board of directors of Nimba Kwado Incorporated as the company’s problem worsens. The Nimba Kwado Incorporated board of directors, chaired by Togba Porte, suspended the organization’s president, Isaac Dahn, and youth chairman, Ashmun Vonleh, on Monday, March 6, 2023, for announcing their support for President Weah’s second candidacy on their own.

Mr. Porte disclosed that the pair will be forwarded for investigation before the grievance and ethic committee of the organization. According to him, Ojuku Duo has been appointed as acting President of Nimba Kwado Incorporated following a consultation with the different segments of the organization.

Mr. Porte, the current Chief of Protocol to Nimba County Senator, Prince Johnson, claimed that Isaac Dahn and Ashmun Vonleh, did not seek the opinions of the board before pledging support for the second bid of President Weah.

Togba Porte, Board Chair

Porte, a former Assistant Labor Minister for Trade Union Affairs, said Nimba County has several sons who are wishing to be President of Liberia and as such decision on who they will support has not been made because the organization is non-political.

However, on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, the national executive committee declared the dissolution of the board through its public relations officer, George Luogon, on grounds that the legal instrument used to suspend the President and the Youth Chairman had not been approved.

He claimed that because Mr. Porte and the other members of the board of directors who were appointed had not been formally inducted, the board lacks the power to suspend any member of the Nimba Kwado Incorporated national executive committee who appointed them.

The endorsement of President Weah’s bid for a second term, according to Luogon, does not bind the entire country because it only reflects the opinions of the people who gave them the power and trusted them with their actions.

Political analysts believe that the disagreements between President George Weah and Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson regarding the 2023 presidential and parliamentary elections are what led to the division between the board and national executive committee of the Nimba Kwado Incorporated. The largest group of Nimba County residents in Liberia established a little more than 25 years ago is known as Nimba Kwado Incorporated Liberia.

The group, which has branches in each of Liberia’s 15 sub-political divisions, is made up of members from the second-largest county in Liberia and vote-rich Nimba County.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963



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