December 8, 2023

Bernard Benson Elected National Chairman of PLP

Monrovia, Liberia – The People’s Liberation Party’s 2023 special national convention has come to an end with the selection of Tapple Doe as the party-political leader and Bernard Benson as national chairman.

The National Chairman, who had been chosen as the party’s leader, was replaced by Bernard Benson, and Dr. Daniel Cassel, who had passed away in the US a few months earlier from heart failure, was replaced by Tapple Doe.

Bernard Benson, also known as D J Blue, promised to elevate the People’s Liberation Party to a level where more people will be clamoring to join soon after being elected. Mr. Benson, a candidate for a legislative seat in Montserrado County’s District 17, declared he would work to maintain the party’s late visionary Dr. Daniel Cassel’s goal.

D J Blue claimed that because the PLP has been decentralized and has a presence in the 15 Sub political divisions, his appointment as national chairman has given the party more motivation to recruit new members.

For his party, the newly elected political leader of the People’s Liberation Party, Tapple Doe, disclosed that the party will not be fielding a presidential candidate as a mark of respect for its vision bearer Dr. Daniel Cassel this year.

He claims that the PLP is open to discussion with all political factions regarding a course for this year’s presidential and legislative elections. Mr. Doe added that choosing candidates for legislative seats would depend on how the negotiations with the political party, alliance, coalition, or bloc turned out.

When asked which side his party was in negotiations with, he said the PLP was open to having discussions with all parties, and that negotiations were still ongoing.

Delegates from across Liberia attended the national convention, which had the subject “Rebranding the Liberation Agenda for National Renewal.”

On December 22, 2020, the National Elections Commission certified the PLP as having fulfilled the criteria for being a legitimate political party in Liberia. The popularity of Dr. Daniel Cassel, the party’s standard bearer and wealth displayer, the importation of a bus fleet, and the failed effort to acquire a helicopter all contributed to the party’s explosive growth.

The Kwenyan Professional Health Services, a mental health/behavioral and drug abuse service, was founded by Dr. Cassell, a behavioral specialist consultant in the American cities of Philadelphia and Bucks County, according to the US.

This paper discovered that his company frequently submitted numerous insurance claims to insurance companies, even for non-existent services. The source claims that his business repeatedly produced phony insurance company coupons for customers totaling US$3.7 million.

Investigators discovered that the majority of the money was passed through his Cassell Foundation, the organization he used for his charitable endeavors. Dr. Cassell unexpectedly passed away on December 25, 2022, after returning from physical training in the US.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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