September 21, 2023

Deputy Education Minister for Administration, Da-Thong Encourages young people to vote wisely come October

Monrovia, Liberia – Deputy Education Minister for Administration, Latin Da-Thong has encouraged students and youth to compare and contrast the 170 years of existence of Liberia and the six years of governance of President George Weah before make their vital decisions on October Tenth this year.

He said over the last 170 of years Liberia existence, previous governments have not been able to make Liberia look like Dubai but the last six years of President Weah administration, young people can take West African Certificate Examination test free and attend university free of charge.

Minister Da-Thong spoke at the program marking the 107th National Decoration Day organized by the Ministry of Education in Monrovia Wednesday. According to him, he is proud to be associated with a government which is renovating all public high schools throughout the length and breadth of the country since 1960s.

Isaac Zawolo, the superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System, issued a warning to students and young people, urging them not to be misled by those who claim to be able to construct a bridge where there is none. He claims that some of these individuals merely want to join the government as a steppingstone to their retirement.

Isaac Zawolo, MCSS Supt

He advised students and young people to use Decoration Day to remember the many champions and “sheros” like Gabriel Kpolleh, Albert Porte, and G. Baccus Matthews, among others.

Mr. Zawolo emphasized that these people were never taught to enrich themselves as some students and young people have been, who constantly expect payment for their services to the country.

He claimed that unlike some people who spread untrue information about this government, the majority of those who fought for the democracy that modern countries now enjoy did not do so out of self-interest.

Meanwhile, the Administrative Pastor at the Providence Baptist Church has admonished Liberians to take this year’s presidential and legislative elections as vital decision for the future of the children unborn.

According to Reverend Charles Diggs, Liberians’ choice on October 10th of this year will determine whether or not the country is on the proper path to safeguard the sanctity for which its forefathers and mothers battled.
Delivering the sermon on the theme: “A Vital Decision,” at the program commemorating the 107th national Decoration Day organized by the Ministry of Education in Monrovia. Reverend Diggs urged leaders to set an example for those they are guiding, make the necessary sacrifices for them, and work to end corruption, greed, and poverty in the nation.

Rev. Charles Diggs, Adm. Pastor

He insisted that Liberia must be free of all social ills, including corruption, violence, the suffering of common people, and other issues.
A sizable contingent of students attended the program, which was held at the Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia. After the program, the students marched through the city’s main streets to place wreaths on the graves of the late Presidents William V. S. Tubman, William R. Tolbert, and Joseph Jenkins Roberts, among others.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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