February 25, 2024

LNP Update on Increased Armed rubber cases

Monrovia, Liberia – The Liberia National Police has revealed another armed rubber case at the home of another Liberian in the Soul Clinic Community in Paynesville amid the investigation into the death of Former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott’s daughter.

Col. Prince Mulbah, the Liberian National Police’s deputy inspector general, claims that the robbers fired weapons at CeCe Cooper’s Paynesville home and fled with a number of priceless items, including sizable sums of money.

According to Col. Mulbah, the robbers carried out the deed using single-barrel firearms and close-range weapons. He claimed that the situation was saved thanks to the LNP personnel’s involvement, who made a tactical move. He pointed out that during the attached battle, two of the robbers were wounded by LNP officers; one of them was treated at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, while the other is still on the run, according to Col. Mulbah.

He reaffirmed the LNP’s commitment to making sure that a thorough inquiry is conducted, and the offenders are brought to justice. He insisted that a manhunt for the criminals had been organized by LNP authorities inside the nation.

The former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and her family are collaborating with the investigation team to secure evidence linking her daughter’s death, according to a statement from the Liberia National Police.
Col. Prince Mulbah, the Liberian National Police’s deputy inspector general, claims that although people of interest in the inquiry have been questioned, no arrests have been made by the LNP as of yet.

Speaking on Thursday, March 9, 2023 at the MICAT regular press conference in Monrovia, Col. Mulbah encouraged the public to exercise patience as the investigation’s findings will be made public. He then pleaded with the populace not to fear, reiterating that state securities are in place and that the safety of Liberians is of the utmost importance.

Reported by: Joseph Kerkula

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