February 21, 2024

CPP Calls on Supreme Court to Investigate unconstitutional biometric voters’ registration exercise

Monrovia, Liberia – The Collaborating Political Parties have appealed to the Supreme Court to save Liberia from another crisis by adjudicating what they described as the processing of unconstitutional biometric voters’ registration exercise by the National Elections Commission.

CPP claimed that the biometric voters’ registration exercise constitutes a violation of the laws because it has been done in the absence of demarcation of new electoral constituencies following the conduct of the national census.

Speaking at a news conference in Monrovia, Lewis Brown, the chairman of Team Cummings for te 2023 elections, urged the Supreme Court not to allow the election process spiral out of control before things become disorderly.
Ambassador Brown noted that the National Elections Commission had engaged in unconstitutional conduct and that a political alliance working with the authority had petitioned the Supreme Court to address the issue.

“One week later, street jurors are discussing the petition, but the Supreme Court is yet to issue an assignment to the parties for the case, so they can rule or hand down a verdict and so we can know whether we will have law and order. Already, at many of the so-call voters’ registration centers, confusion, chaos and violence have broken out at some of the center and the court cannot be silent with events unfolding in the country. The Supreme Court cannot pretend that there is not an urgent issue before it and if the highest court suppress or refuses to hear such an important issue now; how sure a bench will hear appeals that will come out of these elections?”

He claims that Liberia is degenerating into anarchy, and that people’s perceptions of the situation as normal daily living are masking the fact that it is actually sending out the wrong message that could one day explode.

Meanwhile, Amb. Brown called on President George Weah not to approve the bill passed by the national legislature giving the right for incumbent to take office despite the victory is being challenged. According to him, there is a bill before the Liberian President intended to create more confusion and political unrest in the country after the nationwide elections.

Amb. Brown urged the populace of Liberia to become more aware of their surroundings because they all share a common ownership of the nation and are unable to permit an incumbent to sit in office and enact laws. He urged Liberians to face their fears head-on because everyone is now reluctant to speak out on matters of national importance, and even government employees find it unsettling to discuss the problems facing the nation in public.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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