February 22, 2024

Minister Blamo Encourages Gov’t to provide Technical Assistance to LRA

The Liberian government has been urged by the minister of state for presidential affairs to help the Liberia Revenue Authority enhance its management information system. According to Minister Wesseh Blamo, the technical ability of revenue agents and collectors needs to be strengthened in order to support the country’s efforts to collect legal revenue. Technical capacity of revenue agents must be prioritized as part of the assistance to the collection of lawful revenue.

According to him, anti-government agents are conspiring with business people to under-declare cargo and goods entering the country in order to evade taxes, even though President Weah’s administration is carrying out significant development initiatives across the nation. He argued that there are some who siphon off legal income at the expense of the nation and its citizens. Minister Blamo referred to it as unfortunate, noting that those people are the real opponents of development who are impeding the expansion and development of the nation.

Minister Blamo warn Liberians working in the public and commercial sectors not to pocket money that is not theirs. He continued that it is important to make sure that the tax system is just and equitable, noting that it is not simple to collect revenue but that it is necessary to have a thorough system that demonstrates proper data tracking, customer communication, and facility revenue collection process in order to avoid major losses. He asserted that poor revenue administration, an unreliable data base, unclear procedures, lack of investment in staff and the necessary technology, subpar tracking system, and dishonest revenue collectors and agents can make revenue collection challenging.

Minister Blamo said everal nations, including Liberia, still struggle to raise enough money to fund their own development. Minister Blamo emphasized the need for the tax system to be improved in order to increase revenue administration, making it simpler and more accessible for every person and business owner across the nation to make tax payments and increase transparency in accessing tax liabilities.

When applied, an efficient system for bidding, collection, and facility compliance can be just as essential to increased revenue as tax policy. The 17th National Convention of the National Customs Brokers Association of Liberia was commemorated by Minister Wesseh Blamo on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
Email: jnkerkula@gmail.com
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