December 9, 2023

Lonestar CellMTN Launches MoMo Heroes Of Change Program – To Recognize Selfless Liberians

Monrovia, Liberia – Lonestar Cell MTN has officially launched a corporate social program under the flagship “MoMo Heroes of Change”. The initiative aimed at celebrating the resilient spirit of Liberia and Liberians who are making tremendous impact in the society.

It was launched on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at the Cape Hotel in Monrovia, which saw several notable Liberians, partners, social media influencers as well as entertainment promoters and integrity icon in attendence.

The initiative seeks to showcase, celebrate and promote Liberians who are making impact in the society through their support to health, education, youth development, women empowerment and as well as tech solution.

Speaking at the launch, Lonestar Cell MTN Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ali Fakih, said that the company organize the program to celebrate and recognize the impact and effort of ordinary Liberians in helping change their society and community.

All Liberian should be copassionate and support each other and be a mountain behind the Heroes of Change in their various communities, he urged.

Since Lonestar CellMTN was established, according to Mr. Fakih, the company has helped to improve communities creativity. School bathrooms, installation of computer lab and several other community development initiatives.

“Welcome to the lunch of the Momo Heroes of Change program. This initiative is going to be a corporate social flagship program that is in line with the United Nations compact which we are a part and along with the UN system for young people” he noted.

Mr. Fakih explained that the project is in line with the Universal Principal of human rights, labor environment under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

“The Momo Heroes of Change is a continuation of our commitment to giving back to the Liberian oeople and the community we operate. There are thousands of people in Liberia who are working steadfastly to improve the lives of people in their community. There are different development they are involved with. These heroes and heroins are changing community around Liberia for the globe” he added.

Mr. Fakih went further yo say that those people are consider as the awesome heroes, adding that most timte they are not seen in the newspapers and media space but they are there with the vision of giving everyone a connected lives using their own resources to train children after school, securing book in local library, building water pump, and doing a lot more social and civic duty.

“Heroes of change seeks to identify these community development champions, celebrate them and support the contribution of these people who are playing diverse role on our society. You are a key stakeholders in this program and that were your support going to come from.

“Finally, as we go through this program, I ask for to look around in your community and recommend your community champion for development on the Lonestar Cell MTN social media pages, he said.

People can get nominated as MoMo Heroes of Change, when they are recommended by someone by visiting any of Lonestar Cell MTN pages, or any of their service center across the country and fill the normination form by stating the person name and occupation to have them registered.

The categories of normination includes, health, education youth and women empowerment, Tech or local solution, Community impact and youth development.

After the normination process, the governing council and board of judges will vet thirty names that will be dropped to five persons after the online voting.

Finally, at the grand program held indoor, three winner will be selected, the first winner is expected to walk away with 1.5 million Liberian dollars. The second will get six hundred thousand Liberian dollars while the third will receive three hundred thousand Liberian dollars.

However, the digital normination is intended to have everyone participation. Normination is currently undergoing and will last for two weeks.

Meanwhile, after the normination, all norminates will be researched and investigated by the governing council and the board of judges headed by Noble Peace Prize Laureate Leymah Gbowee and Carter Center Liberia Executive James Dorbor Jallah among others.

The program is expected to end June 2023 at the EJS Ministerial Complex in the suburbs of Congo Town, Monrovia.

Reported by: Stephen G. Fellajuah

Contact: +231777015294

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