December 6, 2023

WOG Rescues and Provides Safe Home for Two Homeless Street Selling Children

Monrovia, Liberia – Two homeless Liberian kids, who were involved with selling in the street on the Old Road, Monrovia has been rescued and taken to a safe home for proper care including moral upbringing as well as educational development and medical attention.

Both youngsters, a boy and a girl, are the offspring of drug addicts who are known as “Zogoes” in the community. Women of Grace Charity International (WOG), a non-profit charity with a Christian faith foundation, saved the children.

WOGrace is an institution that has been involved with helping Ebola orphans and underprivileged children In Liberia since 2015.

The charitable organisation was able to have rescued the two abandoned kids on March 16, 2023 from the street through its Executive Director, Ambassador Felecial Garlo, popularly known as Quieyeah Garlo.

The kids were rescued after they were seen selling in the street for survival, something the organization termed as frustrating.

Speaking in an exclusive interview Tuesday, March 28, 2023 Women of Grace Coordinator in Liberia Salvester Wamah said that they got in contact with the children when their pictures were posted on the social media by a lady identified as Favor Christina Denyan, which she said the children were seeking help from a humanitarian organization.

These children need help, she posted, adding that “They were abundant by their parents who are on the street and on drugs but, I am not financially stable in providing their needs.

They were just in the community sleeping in the street and people were taking advantage of them that’s how I took them in and started taking care of them They need a safe home and they need good care, I can not afford it “ Favor Christina Denyan noted.

“However, immediately upon seeing the pictures on the social media, and how the lady was begging for help and care for the children in order to save their future, Madam Denyan was contacted by our organisation and we swiftly took action in finding the kids a safe home and proper medical help”. Wamah lamented.

Meanwhile, commenting on the issues, Women of Grace International Liberia Executive Director Ambassador Felecia Garlo noted that her organization is presently caring for 150 children of Ebola orphans in Gblokata, Bong County thus assuring Madam Denyan that the abandoned children will receive the necessary care.

“This is not about politics, we all must look back from where we come from, the future of Liberia is in the hand of the children, so we all must help in preparing them. My colleague and I are sacrificing not because we are wealthy, but, because when we are gone these kids will be the leaders of Liberia”, the Women of Grace Boss explained.

“Mathew 25: 40 Jesus said, the least that you do unto my brothers, that you do unto me. For the past five years, we have been self-funded. We work two to three jobs here in America to get all this going on in Liberia and America here, the WOG is not yet getting funding from any international partners or donors, all that we care for is that the children need a better place” she furthered commented.

Liberia’s future depends on the children, I recently had a meeting with Liberia Minster of Gender Williametta Saydee Tarr here in America, during the presidential visit, I must commend that she is doing well considering other budgeting constraint” Felecial Garlor stated.

She disclosed that Liberia is a youthful country were children under the age of 15 comprise of 42% of its population while 63% are under 25, something she added gives the country a great task at hand and they must prepared the children for the future.

According to Madam Garlo, most of Liberian children, adolescents, and youth are trapped in a cycle of violence, poverty, and deprivation. They experience violence and struggle to get educated, and find it difficult to find decent employment, which she alarmed as scaring for the country.

“Violence against children and adolescents, especially girls, is rampant, including rape, abuse, harassment, and exploitation and such must be put to an end”, she added.

“In 2015, 89% of reported rape survivors were children, with 39% 12 years or younger. Sexual harassment in schools in the form of sex for grades’ and ‘sex for school fees’ is common. Violent discipline is also a widely accepted practice, while at least 31 percent of children (2-14 years old) were engaged in some form of labor”. Garlo narrated.

Also, the Women of Grace Executive Director lamented that harmful cultural and traditional practices, such as child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) are among the worst forms of violence practiced against children in Liberia.

Reported by: Stephen G. Fellajuah

Contact: +231777015294

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