September 25, 2023

Chinese Embassy Leads Medical Team to Grand Bassa County

The China Embassy in Liberia has carryout a medical screaming in Grand Bassa County. The medical team visited Wayzohn City, Grand Bassa County, for free health screaming from April 7-8, 2023.

The transportation network in Wayzohn City is subpar due to its location in the forest’s hinterland. Following a protracted wet season, it is more difficult to travel between a community and the outside world. This makes it more difficult to supply pharmaceuticals and other commodities, and drug shortages are common.

As a result, there are many untreated cases of hypertension and malaria, which have a negative impact on the residents’ health, productivity, and quality of life.

The China medical team modified the types of medications in the free clinic in accordance with the epidemiological features of the area, the most recent diagnosis of the region’s disease spectrum, and the local climate and resident characteristics.

In addition, Huoxiang zhengqi capsule, Shufeng jiedu capsule, and other Chinese patient medications were added. With a total of about 400 patients, more than 600 boxes of various medications, and more than 500 copies of various health promotion products.

The free clinic provided free diagnosis and treatment services for local community members in internal medicine, cardiology, general surgery, dental surgery, traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture), ultrasound, and basic health care.

The Chinese doctors’ assistance was appreciated, said Kabbade, a local resident. He mentioned that Chinese doctors had previously treated him. The antimalarial medications were supplied to Kabbade’s family as well, he continued. His eyes were treated by a Chinese doctor last year, who also provided him some free medication. He also thanked the People’s Republic of China for continuing to support Liberia.

Representative Vicent S.T. Willie of Grand Bassa County Electoral District #4 invited the Chinese health team to the district.

Representative Vicent stated thanking the team, noted that last year, the China medical team’s free clinic generated a great deal of buzz and considerable concern. He said, the Chinese doctors were good at their job and are greatly desired by the locals.

The Representative appreciated the team for accepting their invitation and opting to travel from Monrovia more than four hours in advance of the rainy season to give the essential medicine to those in need, which will be of great assistance to the locals. Representative Vicent continue that their efforts amply demonstrate China’s sincere assistance to Liberia and their status as a big, responsible member of the international community.

The Chinese Embassy in Liberia’s Charge d’Affaires, Mr. Xu Kun, stated that this year marks the 60th anniversary of China sending medical teams to underdeveloped nations. He expresses gratitude to each member of the team for their outstanding efforts in fostering China-Liberia relations and creating a China-Africa human health community. He also wishes for them to remember President Xi’s directives and act with kindness to benefit the local population in order to continue the two countries’ bilateral health exchanges.

The Chinese Medial Team had previously carryout medical outreach in Margibi County.

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