February 25, 2024

Football Fans upset with Keita’s enrollment in CAF B Diploma programme as a student

Ansu Keita, the head coach of Lone Star of Liberia, and a number of other regional coaches are receiving training for the CAF B Diploma program at the SKD Sports Complex. The training, which began on Monday, April 10, 2023, will last eight days and involve 19 men and 8 women.

Some of the facilitators include Henry Brown, technical director of the Liberia Football Association, and Kaetu Smith, a former head coach of the national team. The first day’s drills focused on academic theories regarding defensive team faults.

Due to the participation of Lone Star’s head coach as a student, football fans around the nation have expressed grave concerns. Some of them expressed their rage on various social media sites, arguing that it was unfortunate for coach Keita, who LFA claimed to be the best qualified coach in the nation, to participate in such CAF Diploma B training.

They added that favoritism is one of the many factors that is hindering the improvement of Liberian football both local and international.

The angry football fans said the Canadian based Ansu Keita is not qualified to take over a senior national team job of a country; something according to them will create more panic for Liberia in future competitions.

Reported by: Sylvester Tamba

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