February 25, 2024

Plus Liberia partnered with Lonestar Cell MTN Momo

On April 21, 2023, Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money partnered with Plus Liberia to launch Plus Liberia Music App, an app that aims to enhance the distribution of Liberian music. The app will provide a platform for Liberian artists to generate revenue from their songs while giving consumers a better music experience.

With the Plus Liberia Music App, fans and music lovers of Liberian sound can support their favorite artists by purchasing their songs using Lonestar Cell MTN mobile money or a credit/debit card. The launch event was held at iCampus up Carey Street, Monrovia, Liberia, and was attended by representatives from the Musician Union, The Copyright Office of Liberia, Liberian Artists, Managers, and the Press.

The Plus Liberia team extends their gratitude to MTN Mobile Money for the partnership and expresses their sincere gratitude to the Liberian artists for trusting and believing in them.

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