February 25, 2024

Grand Bassa to Benefit from Safe Drinking Water Project

Buchana, Grand Bassa County – Gimmie Town, Big Joe, and other towns and communities in Grand Bassa County, lack access to quality pipe-borne water. According to a survey by the International Social Survey Program run by the United Methodist Church and the United Methodist Human Rights Monitor Water for Life initiative, indicates that, less than 10% of Liberia’s population has access to safe drinking water. The institution recently during a day conference called on the Liberian government to invest more in safe drinking water for its citizens.

Ousman Jalloh, the Religious Advisor on Islamic Affairs to President George Manneh Weah has initiated a modern water supply project in Liberia. As part of President Weah promise to hs people, the quality and safe drinking water project has arrived in Grand Bassa County and is nearing 95% completion according to Jalloh.

On Tuesday, April 25, 2023, Advisor Jalloh revealed that three of the water facilities in Buchanan and the neighboring settlements had already been built. He noted that the project is been sponsor by the Turkey Jemie Foundation, noting that each of the modern water facility 15 thousand United States dollars.

He added that Grand Bassa County is to benefit seven of the moden water plant to give hope to those who have over time suffered from access to safe and clean drinking water. Jalloh stressed that regardless of religious affiliations, the water project benefits all those living in Grand Bassa and not the muslim community only.

He claims that the undertaking fulfills a promise he made to his people after visiting Turkey. ”The sector has seen significant advancements during this administration, and I am grateful to President Weah for providing me this chance to serve my people.”

Moses Dingwell, Zone Leader of Big Joe Town, and Mohmoud Abassoum, Co-chair Islamic Council Grand Bassa County, Gummie Town, thanked the advisor and President Weah for the project thus far.

The people of Grand Cape Mount, Bomi, Margibi counties have benefited from the quality and safe drinking water project.

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