September 25, 2023

LNP Arrest Alleged Fraudster Nicholas Jack Davis

Monrovia, Liberia – Nicholas Jack Davis, a well-known con artist who allegedly had sex with over 20 female victims and stole their possessions, including handbags, money, jewelry, and telephones, is being sought by the Liberia National Police.

Davis, 39, was detained at a nearby resort facility outside of Monrovia on April 23 while attempting to victimize a few other females, according to the LNP on Monday, April 26, 2023.

Following several accusations against Davis, according to LNP Spokesperson Moses Carter, the police launched a thorough search operation to find him. He was detained and brought to the LNP’s main office in Monrovia, where he is being investigated.

About 20 females are allegedly the victims of Davis’ alleged crimes, and the suspect is suspected of fleeing with their belongings, including purses, jewelry, and phone.

Additionally, it was claimed that Davis, the suspect, was involved in extortion, arm robbery, and sexual assaults. It is alleged that Davis committed a similar infraction in Nigeria, where a female actress fell for his con, the LNP learned reviled.

The suspect Davis told the police’s investigators that he had spent about 17 months in Nigeria before the act against the Nigerian actress.

The abuse of any female is something the police do not take lightly, according to Carter, who also noted that the LNP administration takes the probe very seriously. The LNP promised the public that it would do everything in its power to see that those female victims received justice.

While urging everyone to maintain their composure, the police also requested any more information regarding the actions of suspect Davis.

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