December 6, 2023

The WASH Sector of Liberia Holds 2023 Sector Review.

Monrovia, Liberia – A three-day joint sector assessment for 2023 is being hosted by the Water Sanitation and Hygiene Commission and partners in Monrovia. The conference is geared toward presenting fresh commitments on how to address issues of water, sanitation, and hygiene in Liberia and around the world, according to Executive Officer Bobby Whitfield.

Underscoring the fact that many nations throughout the world are trying to catch up with SDG-six, which addresses access to clean water and sanitary facilities for all people on Earth, must be accomplished.
He mentioned that the UN has determined that governments and their partners must step up their efforts to ensure that everyone has access to enough manageable safe drinking water.

Whitfield noted that there are sanitation difficulties all around the world, not just in Liberia, and that they need for an all-encompassing strategy. The WASH boss mentioned Montserrado, Bong, Nimba, Lofa, and Grand Bassa Counties as five of the fifteen counties where the institution has invested thirty million dollars in order to revamp the sector. He also mentioned that developing partners have given seventeen million dollars to improve the sanitation sector in the country.

The WASH director announced the Commission joint sector review, which take place at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Town from Wednesday, April 26, 2023, to Friday, April 28, 2023, during a press briefing on Thursday, April 27, 2023, in Monrovia. He emphasized that the conference focuses on the WASH sector of Liberia and draw more than 300 participants from all over the country.

Bobby Whitfield noted that the Joint Sector Review is a reflection on Liberia’s WASH sector and noted that it also focus on the performance report, open defecation, and people who lack access to clean water, among other. Whitefield emphasized his institution’s commitment to making sure that every resident and citizen has access to enough clean and safe drinking water.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
Contact: +231777376826

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