September 25, 2023

Malfunctioning BVR Equipments Slow Registration Process in Lofa

Lofa County – OKFM Liberia has reported that Malfunctioning Biometric Voter Registration equipment has slow the registration process in Lofa County.

According to institution, Citizens in Lofa county are complaining about malfunctioning Biometric Voter Registration equipment, since the beginning of the registration process in the county.

OK FM correspondent, who toured the centers observed huge turnouts at the various centers, but the malfunctioned state of the BVR equipment was slowing the process.

The top private radio station noted that it was also observed that Foya, which is one of the places eligible citizens were pouring in to register, could not be registered, as a result of malfunctioned equipment.

It can be recorded that this is not the first report coming from citizens concerning the BVR process. At the end of the first process in the first six counties, political parties complained about the unsuccessful process of new BVR process.

According to reports from the second phase of the BVR process, many Liberians will be unable to go through the process, preventing them from voting in the 2023 elections.

Photo credit: OKFM Liberia

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