September 25, 2023

Senate Pro-Temp Justifies Public Funds


The head of the Liberian senate has sharply respond to the United States Ambassador to Liberia speech on the affairs of Liberia. Speaking to his kings men in his native county Grand Kru, Senate Pro-Temp Albert Chie justified public funds to the legislature.

He said, Liberia lawmakers are using the money received to build clinics, schools, buy drugs and build guest houses among others.

Senator Chie while in Grand Kru was responding to a recent report from the U.S. Ambassador Michael McCarthy, who said the elites in Monrovia were treating Liberians with neglect.

Pro-Temp Albert Chie did not agree or not to USD$65-millon given to the legislature but justified that the money received by lawmakers are use to carry out development in their various district, constituency and or county.

The comment by the U.S. Ambassador is not the first by diplomats in the country against the current government. It can be record, the EU Ambassador to Liberia also criticized Liberia for dirt all around the country, blaming the government for not doing well to safe the situation.
Last year, the U.S. government through it embassy in Liberia also commented on mismanagement of public funds by the Weah government at which, three top government officials and members of the cabinet were sanctioned by the U.S. government.

The sanction led to the three officials ( Nathaniel McGill-Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Bill Twehway-Head of National Port Authority, and Symah Syrenius Cephus- Liberia Solicitor General, all resigned or discharged of their duties as public servants.

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