December 9, 2023

LFA Reji Appeals for Stakeholders Financial Benefits During County Meet


Paynesville, Liberia – Mustapha I. Raji, the president of the Liberian FA, has urged the government to ensure that stakeholders receive financial benefits during the National County Sports Meet through the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The LFA president claimed that players that compete in the national county sports meet are produced by their respective clubs, something that is commendable in his opinion. The LFA leader revealed this on May 13, 2023, during the Institution’s 27th Ordinary Congress, which was held at the organization’s new Congo Town headquarters in Paynesville.

”The clubs’ primary worry is that we disclose our financial reports on a regular basis, but we haven’t noticed them disclosing on their pages how much money they have gotten from the LFA. We’re talking about the issue of transparency, so this isn’t meant to pit them against the players.”

The Orange Liberia sponsorship agreement with Liberian football is set to end during the following league season, Mustapha Raji also revealed. He claims that in addition to receiving $50,000 for the Orange Cup and thousands of dollars in other incentives, the FA receives $200,000 from Orange’s sponsorship.

” I want to say that no one should hold this administration responsible if we all fail to do the right.”

Liberian Deputy Sports Minister G. Andy Quamie also addressed the Congress and expressed gratitude to the participants for their support of football in the nation. According to Deputy Minister Quamie, unlike in other nations, football is not heavily sponsored in Liberia. Stakeholders often fund their investments in the sport out of their own pockets.

” Our stakeholder’s worth appreciation due to numerous sacrifices they have made over the years to ensure football takes positive direction.”

Meanwhile, several decisions were made, including the overwhelming passage of a US$6.4 million

A number of executive committee’s proposals were also approved and or corrected.

It includes the cancellation of the registration of all clubs playing in the LFA
national leagues to ease the financial burden on clubs.

Congress approved the admission of up to six beach soccer clubs as provisional members for a period of one year prior to their full membership with all associated rights at the next ordinary congress.

This is to ensure that beach soccer clubs are integrated into the complete and actual body of football administration and decision-making.

The inclusion of the National Players Association and Sports Medics Association as provisional members was approved in order to include more of the football family in the mainstream of footballing activities.

Four football regions—north western, north central, south eastern and south central—were approved.

The regions will elect their representatives, who will serve a four-year term.

Nine club members including, Samira FC, Paynesville FC, Sinoe NPA, Shaita Angels FC, Ravia Angels FC, JUST FC, LEAD MFA, Senior Female Professionals, and Bassa Girls FC were officially admitted as members of Congress.

Photo credit: Executive Mansion

Reported by: Sylvester Tamba

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