December 9, 2023

Pres. Weah Pleads for Oneness on Unification Day

Monrovia, Liberia – Liberia President, George Manneh Wah has stated that National Unification Day stands as a testament to Liberia’ collective efforts in overcoming social divisions. He noted that it is an opportunity for Liberians to recognize the progress they have made and to acknowledge the work that lies ahead in building a more prosperous Liberia.

”As we commemorate this day, I am mindful that we may hold different perspectives on how our Nation should move forward; we may have different views of the priorities to achieve this; and we may have different versions of our national vision for this country. This national cause resides in our fidelity to the pledges made in our oaths of office, and our dedication to the rights, freedoms, and opportunities enshrined in our Constitution.”

According to President Weah, the country’s economy was facing significant difficulties six years ago when he assumed the position of President of Liberia, with the prices of the country main exports decreasing and the cost of imports of necessities persistently rising. But pointed out that his government had been successful in putting Liberia’s economy on a solid and secure foundation for expansion, advancement, and prosperity.

The Liberian Leader added that the people of Liberia have demonstrated bravery, heroism, and a shared commitment to maintaining the nation’s peace and unity.

”I wish to assure you, for my part, that as we grow our economy from strength to strength, I will always remain steadfast in my duty to seek the welfare of each and every one of you. As your President, I am devoted to leading our country from poverty to prosperity. Yet, the very essence of Unification Day reminds us that this task cannot be accomplished alone. It requires our collective efforts to develop our human capital, foster a vibrant economy, protect our citizens particularly women and children by strengthening the rule of law, and ensuring peace and reconciliation.”

President Weah urged Liberians to follow the law and battle corruption, exploitation, and other vices by reporting them whenever they suspect such occurring, whether in their neighborhoods, churches, schools, or places of employment. He stated that, regardless of nationality, injustice has no bearing on the lives of common people or those who live within Liberia’s boundaries.

The Liberian Leader encouraged all citizens to preserve the peace and unity of the land, in our actions and not words.

”Let us show the world, by the way we conduct ourselves in these pending elections, that our democratic credentials are mature,  that our democratic institutions are strong, that our respect for the rule of law is the solid foundation for our unity, peace, the will, and the voice of the people of Liberia will be heard and respected.

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